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Burkina Faso: M’YAABA solar and petro-solar incubators

Based in Ouagadougou, the companny M’YAABA is specialised in the production of solar and petro-solar incubators with a capacity of 150 to 10,000 eggs. M’YAABA provides its customers with incubators adapted to the types of climates depending on the

publish December 31, 2021 1536
Benin: A restaurant like no other

In Benin, Thibaut MARTINS and his wife Marlyse GNIMADI have opened a restaurant which specialises in serving healthy food, coming directly from their garden where they grow their products in recycled containers. This initiative is greatly very much appreciated

publish December 28, 2021 530
Burkina Faso: Moving forward in spite of failures

Boureima ZIDA tried several jobs before becoming a full-time livestock farmer. During his journey, he encountered many difficulties, including the loss of his poultry, but he did not give up. Thanks to his perseverance and the support of his family, today his

publish December 24, 2021 1427
Bénin: The accountant, passionate about breeding

After having tried several types of breeding, Alain AYENAN chose pig breeding in order to increase his profits. “When you say you want to be an entrepreneur, it’s as if you are throwing yourself into a forest, into an uncharted territory. And espec

publish December 21, 2021 1455
Burkina Faso: Student and entrepreneur

Fatoumata KONATE is a young student who has been able to combine her studies with entrepreneurship. She has spcialised in the processing of peanuts into paste and powder. Despite the reluctance of her parents, Fatoumata has persevered and created her business.

publish December 17, 2021 1528
Benin: A model in agricultural diversification

After being featured on Agribusiness TV in 2016, the company “AgroBusiness Industriel” in Benin has evolved a lot. Its founder, Roland VIGNONFODO combines agriculture, breeding and processing, which enables him to ensure the proper functioning of h

publish December 14, 2021 1482
Green thumb: At Abraham’s place

Abraham DIAO is a gardening passionate who grows many species of plants above ground. In this video, he takes us to the discovery of his green space at home. “When I get a little on my nerves, a little upset, I go out right away and start taking care of

publish December 7, 2021 1000
Benin: From hairdresser to soy processor

In Benin, Eugénie ZINZINDOHOUE founded the enterprise “Marie-Jérôme”, whereby she transforms soybeans into cheese, a product that has a high market demand. Through this activity, Eugénie employs 9 full-time women, who contribute in the processing o

publish December 3, 2021 1524
Burkina Faso: “Nangourbinré” or peanut porridge

A traditional meal, this porridge is prepared with peanuts and millet. Unfortunately, it is not known to the public. However, it was originally intended as a solution for women who have difficulty producing enough breast milk. Thanks to the help of an old woma

publish November 30, 2021 1527
Burkina Faso: Immersion in an irrigation company

To better address water scarcity issues in arid zones, Ismaël ZOUNGRANA founded his company, Agri ZOODO, in Ouagadougou. Agri ZOODO specialises in the installation and sale of irrigation systems, a technique that the promoter learned during a training in Isra

publish November 23, 2021 1497
Burkina Faso: Books to interest children in agriculture

Writer by passion, Yennenga KOMPAORÉ shares her love for agriculture and nature conservation with children through books. Her books are highly appreciated by teachers who do not hesitate to introduce students to this learning method which develops their knowl

publish November 19, 2021 1518
Burkina Faso: The passion for breeding, from father to son

Abdoul Aziz BELEMVIRE is the founder of Bio Délice, a company which transforms cow’s milk into pasteurized milk, natural and sweet yoghurt. This business idea was born from an observation during his stay on the family farm. To avoid wasting unsold milk,

publish November 16, 2021 1533

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