Burkina Faso: Stung by the passion for bees

November 7, 2023 1587 54 No Comments


Wenhaouté YACARI is a beekeeper and the village chief of Bourou, situated in the Centre-South region of Burkina Faso. Since childhood, he has been passionate about bee and honey production.

This passion led him to pursue apiculture. After initial training, he dedicated many years to mastering the necessary skills.

Today, his business is thriving, and the market demand is so high that he struggles to meet it. “My current vision is to establish a center. I’m planning to expand the business, and I believe that, God willing, the steps I’ve taken will lead to success. I’m also planning to start farming and market gardening to support the bees in their production,” shares YACARI.

Burkina Faso

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