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An onion storage hut from Burkina Faso

Given the high rotting rate of onions, Lassanè OUEDRAOGO has designed an ecological hut to conserve them better. This hut is built partly with local materials and has the capacity to preserve onions for 13 months with only 1.8% of rot. This invention is very

publish May 19, 2022 1226
Burkina Faso: Turning a rocky land into an orchard

Poor soil quality is a challenge for some farmers who are often forced to give up. In this story, meet Issiaka ZOUBGA, a producer who transformed a rocky land into an orchard even though he had been advised not to cultivate it. He demonstrated that these types

publish May 17, 2022 1260
Benin: Autonomous thanks to crop production

Joël GOVOU is the Founder of “Jojo Agro Vert”, a farm where he does crop production in Benin. Joël is a trained electrician, but during an experience on the ground, he was impressed by the world of agriculture and decided to venture into this fie

publish May 13, 2022 1231
The solar aquarium made in Burkina Faso

Fish farmers often face difficulties related to the maintenance of their fish ponds or aquariums. A complex task that must be done regularly to keep the fish healthy. The solution proposed by Eugène ROUAMBA is a solar aquarium that can clean itself. This inve

publish May 12, 2022 1253
Burkina Faso: Pastry made with local products

Lê-Ci Stanislas BAMBARA is the founder of a pastry shop specialised in promoting local flavour in his creations. He offers his customers cakes made from ingredients such as moringa, néré, hibiscus and local rice. “The Americans have their “panca

publish May 10, 2022 1234
Try it at home: “Dambou”, a traditional dish from Niger

“Dambou” is a traditional dish from Niger, made from rice semolina. In this video, discover the recipe of this dish.

publish May 6, 2022 1258
Local milk in Burkina Faso

The milk sector in Burkina Faso plays an important role in the economy but unfortunately it faces competition from imported milk powders. In this video, actors of the sector give an overview of the organization.

publish May 5, 2022 1246
Burkina Faso: Mango, an under-exploited resource

Burkina Faso produces a large quantity of mangoes which unfortunately end up being spoiled and wasted due to lack of customers. Traders face difficulties related to the conservation, because these fruits are stored in poor conditions. In this story, we go to m

publish April 29, 2022 1281
Benin: From showbiz to poultry farming

Fabrice COSSI is the promoter of Black Mix Food company in Benin which produces and markets poultry. Graduated in music production technique, Fabrice practiced this profession for 12 years before starting in poultry farming. His company makes chicks available

publish April 26, 2022 1272
Burkina Faso: Prosperity is in local rice

Aristide KIENDREBEOGO is the founder of a company specialised in the processing of local rice. Accountant by training, Aristide worked in this field for some years before venturing into entrepreneurship in 2016. His company, “Fidelia Wend kuni”, is

publish April 20, 2022 1275
Burkina Faso: Internally displaced, they rebuild themselves through agriculture

Due to the security crisis in Burkina Faso, people have been forced to leave their home areas to settle elsewhere without any source of income. In this video, we went to meet internally displaced persons (IDP) in Kaya who are starting over through agriculture.

publish April 1, 2022 1274
Benin: Producing and processing quail

In Benin, quail production is not very common, even though it is profitable, requires less investment and can be carried out in a small space, unlike other poultry. The company “Caille d’Or” seized this opportunity by specialising in the prod

publish March 29, 2022 383

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