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Burkina Faso: A tenacious and passionate rabbit farmer

The field of Rabbit farming is gradually developing in Burkina Faso. With a passion for this activity, Youssouf TRAORE decides to make rabbit farming his business. To be better equipped and prepared, Youssouf followed a training on rabbit production. His farm

publish January 22, 2021 1034
Green Thumb: At odette’s place, a passionate gardener

Very often, the expression “having a green thumb” is designated to people who have a talent for growing plants. In this video from our new series called “Green Thumb”, we meet Odette OUEDRAOGO, a passionate gardener who grows vegetables

publish January 19, 2021 29
Discovery: Natural behaviour of animals and their welfare

To ensure the animal’s well-being, it is important to be able to observe its natural behaviour. This behaviour describes whether the animal is healthy or not. Dr. Gisèle PARE-OUEDRAOGO, veterinarian and Director of Veterinary Public Health and Legislati

publish November 28, 2020 1143
Opinion: Animal welfare according to the Bible

According to Pastor Emmanuel KIEMTORE, founder of “Eglise Evangélique Grace Academie”, there are several examples from the Bible, showing that animals have rights. “When God created animals, the Bible said God blessed them,” says Pasto

publish November 27, 2020 1136
Opinion : Animal welfare and Islam

Ismael TIENDREBEOGO, Imam, explains some verses from the Qu’ran, linked to the animal welfare. “The Prophet (Salla Allahu Alaihi wa Sallam) also taught that good behaviour towards an animal brings one into paradise,” says Imam TIENDREBEOGO.

publish November 26, 2020 1132
Opinion: Animal welfare and Christianity

What does the Catholic Church say about animal welfare? Abbé Marcel NACOULMA , Vicar at Paroisse Saint-Joseph des 4 Routes, shares his opinion on the issue. “Man has the obligation to take care of animals,” says Abbé Marcel.

publish November 26, 2020 1117
Burkina Faso: plan B to avoid losses

Failure forms part of the success of Roger ZONGO, founder of CLARO Elevage. During his entrepreneurial journey, he lost his whole production of chicks after a power cut. After this experience, Roger found an alternative to better prepare himself for his next p

publish November 24, 2020 1074
Burkina Faso: Village poultry producers and vaccinators

To reduce poultry mortality rate, Hélène and Rakiswiligré KABRÉ were trained as volunteer village poultry vaccinators in Nandiala, Burkina Faso. While being poultry producers themselves, they vaccinate chickens for other producers in their village in their

publish November 23, 2020 90
Animal welfare during transport

Animals are very often transported in conditions that don’t guarantee their welfare. For their welfare, they must be transported under appropriate conditions, according to well-established protocols. Madi SEBGO, livestock technician, and Rodrigue Nemsida

publish November 19, 2020 1063
Tips: How to choose your beehive and harvest honey?

To start beekeeping, you need to know the type of beehives to choose from. These vary depending on the beekeeping techniques, and the environment where they will be placed. Through these tips, Madi SEBGO, a beekeeper, explains how to choose a beehive and which

publish November 18, 2020 1067
Burkina Faso: Paulin, the young trader of pedigree dogs

The marketing of pedigree dogs is not a common activity in Burkina Faso. Paulin COMPAORÉ chose to venture into this business despite the prejudices of his friends. Today, he is the pride of his family. “It’s with the money from the sale of dogs th

publish November 17, 2020 1069
Discovery: What is a good quality meat ?

Obtaining a good quality meat depends on biochemical processes that occur in the meat after slaughtering the animal. This process, called rigor mortis, is explained by Dr. Dieudonné TIALLA, Director General of the National School of Animal Husbandry and Healt

publish November 16, 2020 4

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