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Benin: Edible snails, a booming business

In Benin, several youths are involved in the production and processing of snails. This sector is profitable because the by-products of the snail such as the meat, slime, shell and viscera are sold. Roukayath LAURIANO, a dressmaker in the commune of Abonmey-Cal

publish November 22, 2022 1079
Try it at home: Toubani, a dish from northern Benin

Made with bean flour, “Toubani” is an ancestral dish from the North of Benin, which is rich in nutrients. In this video, discover the steps to prepare this dish, with Gniré BAGUIDI, the Co-Founder of TOUBANI Chic.

publish November 18, 2022 1055
Burkina Faso: From law to the food industry

In 2018, Gaël PAKOTOGO, holder of a Master’s degree in Business Law and Taxation, worked in an Indian company distributing imported agri-food products. He noticed that the Burkinabe population were more interested in local products. After he left the co

publish November 15, 2022 1071
Burkina Faso: Youth, woman and seed producer

Together with her father, Franceline NOBA launched the Company and Promoter of Modern Agricultural Products (EPAM) in 2012. EPAM is involved in the production and marketing of vegetable and cereal seeds. The company also conduct trainings with individuals, pro

publish November 9, 2022 1080
Burkina Faso: Processing local poultry into sausages

In 2015, Alima ZAGRÉ started selling poultry by opening “La Volaille du Faso” in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso. At that time, holder of a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting and a Master’s degree in Taxation, she was employed in an organisation. At th

publish October 25, 2022 1100
Burkina Faso: Caramels and spreads made from local products

After studying in Belgium in the field of confectionery and chocolate making, Michael MOLMANS worked in a large Belgian chocolate company in 2018. Three years later, he resigned to launch “Malika Artisan” in Burkina Faso. Malika Artisan is a confec

publish October 18, 2022 1172
Discovering Saponé: A society rich in history

In this second issue of our “Rural Life” series, we invite you to discover Saponé, a rural commune located in the Centre-South region of Burkina Faso. This rural commune is famous for the “Saponé hat”, which is labelled to protect thi

publish October 14, 2022 1102
Burkina Faso: A green oasis in the city

In Loumbila, in Burkina Faso, Boureima SALOUKA transformed an empty space into a green area called “Kua sur Loumbila”. “Absolutely nothing was growing here. To go from a completely lunar land to something alive with birds singing, with so muc

publish October 11, 2022 2871
JAFOWA Program : An alliance to accelerate the agroecological transition in West Africa

In West Africa, many organisations had interventions on sustainable agriculture, but each one was working in isolation. In 2015, the JAFOWA program was born, whereby several organisations, foundations and NGOs decided to join forces to support Farmers’ o

publish October 11, 2022 1226
Burkina Faso: Local rice, increasingly popular with consumers

In previous years, imported rice was prioritised over rice produced and processed in Burkina Faso. Consumers felt that local rice did not meet their expectations. They even pointed out that it had a lot of impurities. To meet the needs of consumers, the actors

publish October 11, 2022 1121
Burkina Faso: The perseverance of a great farmer

A farmer in Gaoua, Noël KAMBOU has been suffering from lymphatic filariasis for more than 25 years. This disease is a real burden, which hinders his agricultural activities. “When I fall and my foot hurts, I can lie down for twenty days without leaving

publish September 27, 2022 1096
Burkina Faso: Rabbit breeder and feed producer

With the increase in demand for rabbit feed, as well as an increase in the number of breeders, rabbit feed on the Burkunabè market was insufficient. A professional rabbit farmer since 2018, Lassané TIENDREGEOGO, an accountant by training, used to feed his ra

publish September 21, 2022 1131

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