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Burkina Faso: YA NOOGO, infant cereals made from local products

Marthe ALLAH is the founder of an infant cereals brand called “African Foods Nutrition”. Her products are made from local cereals enriched with baobab and moringa powder. While working with underprivileged communities, she noticed that women did not have a

publish April 9, 2021 1040
Burkina Faso: Dolo, the drink of happiness

Stéphane BOUGOUMA is the founder of “La maison du DOLO”. Dolo is an ancestral beer which is obtained from the fermentation of red sorghum. Traditionally produced by “dolotières” (women) with a process that could take up to 2 days, Ste

publish April 6, 2021 1039
Burkina Faso: Shoemaking from father to son

Inoussa BOGRE is a shoemaker and leatherworker, a job that he inherited from his father. He makes all types of fashion accessories with leather, woven loincloth, jeans, synthetic leather, etc. “I encourage young people to learn this job, because I know t

publish April 2, 2021 1034
Burkina Faso: Organic strawberry jam

In the commune of Ziniaré in Burkina Faso, Paul KONVELEBO transforms strawberries into jam without chemical products since 1996. “My particularity is that I go for organic and I don’t use chemicals. I try to find the sugar from SN SOSUCO (New Suga

publish March 30, 2021 1043
Failure and me: Processing to reduce losses

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Abdoul Razack BELEMGNEGRÉ, a strawberry producer, made a loss of over 7,000,000 FCFA. Learn more in this video.

publish March 29, 2021 1047
Try it at home: Chocolate coated strawberries

Chef ZOUNDI of One Stop Café & Restaurant takes us to the discovery of coated #strawberries, a delicious recipe made with chocolate from Agribusiness shop.

publish March 27, 2021 37
Tips: Steps to ensure good strawberry production

In a country like Burkina Faso, where the climate is not favorable for strawberry production, Abdoul Razack BELEMGNEGRE shares some tips for a good production thanks to a technical itinerary. Discover the steps in this video.

publish March 26, 2021 1040
Try it at home: Assembling a cake with fresh strawberries

Do you know how to assemble a cake with fresh strawberries ? Watch this video from One Stop Café & Restaurant and don’t hesitate to try it at home!

publish March 25, 2021 1047
Opinion: Strawberry marketing challenges

In Burkina Faso, in addition to the local market, strawberry producers aim to be able to export to the sub-region. Unfortunately, they face difficulties related to the transport and marketing of the product. Abdoul Razack BELEMGNEGRÉ, a strawberry producer, s

publish March 24, 2021 1036
Burkina Faso: Baobab juice with fruity flavours

Baobab juice is a popular drink in some West African countries. Marina OUEDRAOGO decides to valorise this juice by adding her personal touch. Her company, “Bouye Juice”, makes the difference by producing fruity baobab juice, with and without sugar,

publish March 23, 2021 1053
Discovery: Accompany strawberry producers for organic production

Bioprotect created a training centre in Burkina Faso in 2014 to strengthen the capacity of strawberry producers in organic production. Since then, over a hundred producers, supported by Bioprotect, are involved in the production of organic strawberries.

publish March 22, 2021 1060
Tips: Taming an unfavourable climate to produce strawberries

How to create an enabling environment for strawberry production in a country like Burkina Faso, where the climate is not favourable? In this video, Abdoul Razack BELEMGNEGRÉ, shares some tips!

publish March 19, 2021 1043

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