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Green Thumb: At Gabriel’s place

A lifelong lover of plants, Gabriel OUÉDRAOGO has turned his passion into an income-generating activity. He organises training sessions during which he shares his know-how with other enthusiasts like himself. Gabriel OUÉDRAOGO has passed on his love of plant

publish May 24, 2024 1055
Burkina Faso : The triumph of passion

Doing what she loves and being fulfilled, this is the choice made by Safia COULIBALY, who was formerly Chief Financial Officer, but who resigned to devote herself to entrepreneurship. Today, Safia COULIBALY is at the head of “Image’in Wax”, a

publish May 21, 2024 1067
Rural Life in Ouessa

It’s in the South-West, in the province of Loba, more precisely in Ouessa, that we have set down our suitcases for this new episode of Rural Life. Located approximately 248 kilometres from Ouagadougou, Ouessa is a cosmopolitan town where Ghanaian and Bur

publish May 17, 2024 1100
Burkina Faso: Poultry farmers from father to son

After studying law in Mali, Aly MAÏGA returned to Burkina Faso, specifically to Ouessa, where he worked as a forwarding agent. But his desire to go into poultry farming caught up with him. He started breeding with five hens and a rooster. Little by little, he

publish May 14, 2024 1101
Green Thumb: At Karim’s place

Karim YABRÉ loves plants. He loves them so much that, despite the limited space in his home, he has managed to create a space entirely dedicated to his plants. His fragile state of health meant that he had to spend long periods in hospital. But now that his v

publish April 26, 2024 1143
Burkina Faso: Sweets enthusiast

Aminata Kontiebo set up her own business, “Tasty Gourmandises”, after the company she worked for closed down. Her company offers a wide range of confectionery made mainly from local products, such as peanut caramel, toasted grated coconut, biscuits, “

publish April 23, 2024 1199
Rural Life in Komsilga

Today’s excursion takes us to the rural commune of Komsilga. Comprising 36 villages, Komsilga is located around 25 kilometres south of Ouagadougou in Burkina Faso. With its strong agricultural potential, this commune attracts a large number of gardeners,

publish April 19, 2024 1184
A war against hunger

The Permanent Inter-State Committee for Drought Control in the Sahel (CILSS) launched Project 2 of the Regional Programme to Strengthen Resilience to Food and Nutritional Insecurity in the Sahel (P2-P2RS) on 15 April 2024 in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso. The aim

publish April 18, 2024 1170
Green Thumb: At Sandrine’s place

Sandrine KONSIMBO’s passion for plants was passed on to her by her parents from an early age. Her role was to water the plants. Even if there was a water shortage, she had to find a way of watering them. Today, Sandrine KONSIMBO has a beautiful garden at

publish April 12, 2024 1202
Rural Life in Ziniare

The beautiful commune of Ziniaré welcomes us to this episode of Rural Life. Located around 35 km from Ouagadougou, in the province of Oubritenga in Burkina Faso, Ziniaré stands out for its cultural diversity, history and customs. It is one of the countryR

publish April 5, 2024 1246
Burkina Faso: Resign from the bank to produce juice

Trading in her suit for an apron. That’s the choice made by Estelle NIKIEMA, founder of “Kimorial”, a company specialising in the processing of fruit into natural juice. It was in 2016 that Estelle NIKIEMA decided to leave her position as bra

publish April 2, 2024 1275
Burkina Faso : Mechanising peanut processing

Sylvain CONGO is a born entrepreneur. From selling water to running a fast food restaurant, he now runs a peanut production and processing business. He has understood that the processing of peanuts is not linked to gender. So he made it his business. His compa

publish March 26, 2024 1306

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