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Burkina Faso : Finding happiness in pastry

Mariam GUIGMA MAIGA is the founder of “ONE STOP café restaurant”, specialised in pastry. After studying culinary art in the United States, Mariam decided to return to Burkina Faso, her country of origin, where she opens her restaurant in order to fully li

publish June 23, 2021 160
Burkina Faso: Journey of a young quail producer

Brice OUEDRAOGO is a student in agribusiness and at the same time, he is involved in the breeding of broiler quails. His motivation to venture into entrepreneurship was aroused by Agribusiness TV, a channel that he discovered through a friend. Despite the relu

publish June 18, 2021 190
Try it at home: Oshifima , the Namibian stiff porridge

The Namibian stiff porridge, known as “Oshifima”, is very popular in providing people with sufficient energy for the day. It’s usually served with different sauces. Discover how to prepare it.

publish June 9, 2021 1295
Burkina Faso: Soil-less green fodder, zoom on a rich grass for cattle

Nestor SAWADOGO is the General Manager of TILIGRÉ AGRO, a company that produces soil-less green fodder. After obtaining a bachelor’s degree in seed selection and conservation, Nestor obtained a scholarship to study in Israel, which enabled him to acquir

publish June 4, 2021 209
Try it at home: Molokhia, a dish having a remarkable nutritional profile

In Tunisia , “molokhia” is a traditional dish, rich in vitamins, iron and antioxidants. Discover the history and recipe of this delicious oriental dish.

publish June 2, 2021 1282
Try it at home: Amukeke, a Ugandan traditional delicacy

In Uganda, “amukeke” refers to sliced & dried sweet potatoes. Highly nutritious, it can be stored for 4-5 months. Discover how Irene Chozen is modernising this dish!

publish May 26, 2021 1232
Burkina Faso: Passionate about cheese since high school

Oumar KABORE is passionate about cheese. After training with a professional cheese maker, he decided to make it his profession. Today, through his company, “Grâce Fromagerie”, he produces various types of cheeses, including moringa and garlic flav

publish May 25, 2021 1356
Try it at home: Ndo’o, the wild mango kernel sauce

Did You Know? The ndo’o or wild mango is a non-wood forest product from Cameroon, whose nut provides energy, macronutrients, calcium and iron! In this video, Julie KÉKÉ shows us how to prepare it.

publish May 19, 2021 1270
Burkina Faso: An ambassador of “Eat local”

Steve YAMEOGO advocates for “Eating local” through his company, “YAM AGRO Industrie”, where he transforms local fruits into jams, syrups and wines. A former engineer in a mining company, Steve decided to devote himself to his passion. A decision that w

publish May 18, 2021 315
Try it at home: The traditional Gourmatché couscous

In BurkinaFaso, “KALAMBAYARI”, a traditional Gourmatché couscous is prepared using grains and leaves. Discover the story of this dish and the recipe in this video!

publish May 12, 2021 1314
Burkina Faso: MIRA ELEVAGE, an excellence in agricultural entrepreneurship

Kadré SAWADOGO is a civil engineer by training. During his studies in Turkey, he discovered new techniques in livestock production that he decided to bring to his country, Burkina Faso. This is how he created MIRA ELEVAGE and the International Centre for Trai

publish May 11, 2021 1379
Burkina Faso: Danielle, a specialist in food balance

Danielle BOUDA is a nutritionist by training. After her studies in the United States, she decided to make her experience available to her country, Burkina Faso, by creating “D’s Health and Fitness”. “D’s Health and Fitness” offers t

publish April 28, 2021 1205

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