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Burkina Faso: AGROSERV, the expert corn processor

Siaka SANON is the son of a cereal seller. He took over his mother’s business and transformed it into a corn processing unit where semolina, flour, gritz and bran for animals are produced. Siaka saw that the consumer trend is changing and that the consum

publish February 18, 2020 1214
Burkina Faso: The pyramid for soilless culture takes off

One year after its official launch, Kevin DOAMBA’s pyramid for soilless culture has improved and is proving to be successful with populations. Kevin has been solicited by several people who want to acquire his structure for soilless culture of crops. Tho

publish February 4, 2020 1434
Burkina Faso: From apprentice butcher to business owner

From being a shepherd in Bobo-Dioulasso, then apprentice butcher in Ouahigouya, Boukari Diallo is today at the head of a successful company that employs around twenty people. Boukari was an apprentice butcher at the big market of Ouahigouya in Burkina Faso. On

publish December 17, 2019 1466
Second chance

Bouba Gamsonré was a victim of schizophrenia 15 years ago when he was in Cote d’Ivoire. Suddenly he became violent with himself and started wandering around the city. He was living on the street, and he no longer had contact with family and society. While b

publish December 3, 2019 1392
Do more together, towards inclusion: Eye care

Yanny Dembélé is a farmer and lost his eyesight three years ago when he was 67 years old. Since then, he became completely inactive. His family supported him in this difficult phase, but he was completely dependent on others and was discouraged. Thanks to th

publish December 3, 2019 1229
Socio-economic reinsertion

After contracting measles at the age of 10, Irénée Traoré had lost sight. His life changed drastically and he could no ore play with his classmates, or walk around. In 2018, with the support of OCADES and CBM through the Project of Support for the Developme

publish December 3, 2019 1326
Healthy ears and communication for all

Ousmane Nacoulma had an ear disease called otitis when he was two years old. His parents tried to treat him with traditional medicine, but it was not successful. They then turned to modern medicine. Despite the treatment, Ousmane had difficulty hearing and thi

publish December 3, 2019 1257
Gardens of survival

After an injury, Mamouna Ouedraogo had to have her left foot amputated. Her husband abandoned her and her three children, and she found herself completely dependent on her parents. Due to inactivity, she was having bad thoughts all day long, and life was not e

publish December 3, 2019 1363
Biological control of the millet head miner

Using insects to prevent the millet head miner caterpillar, one of the main pests of millet in the Sahel. This is the experience of researchers and farmers in Burkina Faso, Niger and Mali.

publish October 3, 2019 1429
Benin: An intensive training camp in organic farming

Young people from different backgrounds and from different countries met to be skilled in sustainable agriculture.

publish September 20, 2019 1311
Burkina Faso: Code of good conduct for better prevention and management of food crises

Over the past three decades, West African and Sahel countries have seen their populations double. Almost half live in cities. As a result, food crises are becoming increasingly complex and multifaceted. Situations aggravated by the growing influence of global

publish August 9, 2019 1442
Kenya: Transforming to conquer the global market

In 2018, 3 Kenyan women founded Exotic EPZ Ltd, a company that processes and exports nuts, coffee and oils. The objective of the three women entrepreneurs, Charity Ndegwa, Jane Maigua, and Louise Maina was not only to establish a business that would be profita

publish August 6, 2019 1688

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