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Burkina Faso: A school dropout, he succeeds in the soy industry

Daniel ABONGTÉ is the founder of “Terre Africaine”, a company specialised in soybean production and processing. After dropping out of school, Daniel overcame obstacles to become a successful entrepreneur. In his factory, he processes 10 tonnes of

publish November 30, 2023 1013
Discovery: A motorbike transformed into a farm equipment

Cultivating the soil with traditional power tillers involves walking behind the machine by hand, a problem that farmers are seeking to solve in order to increase the efficiency of their operations. Ousmane KABORÉ, founder of the “Société de Recherche

publish November 14, 2023 1077
Burkina Faso: Stung by the passion for bees

Wenhaouté YACARI is a beekeeper and the village chief of Bourou, situated in the Centre-South region of Burkina Faso. Since childhood, he has been passionate about bee and honey production. This passion led him to pursue apiculture. After initial training, he

publish November 7, 2023 1054
Discovery: A machine to shred agricultural by-products

At the recently concluded National Forum for Research and Technological Innovation (FRSIT), which took place from 24 – 28 October 2023 in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso, many innovations were presented to the public. One specifically caught our eye, a machine

publish October 31, 2023 1083
Burkina Faso: From banking to selling juice

Nadine KARA holds a Masters degree in Corporate Communications. She had a career in the banking sector before taking a two-year leave of absence to become an entrepreneur. With the support of her husband, she founded “Kamadine”, a company specialis

publish October 24, 2023 1151
Burkina Faso: From communicator to dairy processor

After graduating with a degree in Communications, Leïla GARIKO didn’t wait for a job to start working. She took it upon herself to devote herself to the development of the family business, “Fromagerie Gariko”, which specialises in the proces

publish October 4, 2023 1149
Burkina Faso: Chilli eating competition

In Burkina Faso, a fresh chilli pepper tasting competition was held. Thrill-seekers took up the challenge of eating a minimum of five chillies. The competition brought together around ten determined candidates who dared to face the fiery heat of the chillies.

publish September 30, 2023 1137
Burkina Faso: Young producer of soumbala

With a degree in Marketing and Business Management, Oubratou SAKANDÉ embarked on her entrepreneurial journey in 2017. Her company, “Oubratou”, specialises in the production and marketing of soumbala, a spice made from néré seeds and widely used

publish September 26, 2023 147
Burkina Faso: A couple involved in poultry farming

Nadjati OUÉDRAOGO and Lassanè SIMPORÉ are passionate about poultry farming, a passion that began at secondary school. Together, they run the Faso Cocorico poultry farm, which specialises in breeding improved local chickens, guinea fowl and turkeys. Thanks t

publish September 19, 2023 1131
Burkina Faso: The queen of honey

Awa KAFANDO, a midwife by training, is the Founder of the “Miellerie Reine d’Abeille business”. She specialises in marketing products such as natural honey, propolis and beeswax. Her entrepreneurial idea was born after several unsuccessful at

publish September 13, 2023 1130
Burkina Faso: Millet, a cereal with multiple benefits

In Burkina Faso, millet has much more than just nutritional value. It embodies resilience and plays an essential role in many traditional practices. Specialists often recommend millet flour-based porridges to restore the health of malnourished children, demons

publish September 6, 2023 1133
Burkina Faso: A young and daring fish farmer

After obtaining his BEPC (first secondary school diploma), François Yaam d’Assisse ILBOUDO set out to become an entrepreneur. Although his parents did not support him in this venture, as they wanted him to continue his studies, he went ahead and founded

publish August 29, 2023 1158

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