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Burkina Faso: Women’s empowerment in agroecology

The JAFOWA project aims to facilitate the empowerment of women in agroecology. Nearly 100 women were trained in good agricultural practices which enabled them to improve their skills and contribute to the development of their country. In this video, discover t

publish March 24, 2023 1053
Benin: The adventures of a computer scientist turned farmer

In Benin, Wilfried KOUNOU left his job as a computer scientist to invest in agriculture. After observing the advantages and challenges of agriculture in his country, he also started livestock production and processing of poultry. Today, despite the difficultie

publish March 21, 2023 1051
Burkina Faso: A watchman turned entrepreneur

Amadou SANA learned how to make soap with his mother. With his savings that he had by working as a watchman, he decided to venture into the production and marketing of soap by launching his company, “Wend-Yiida Cosmetics”. Despite the difficulties

publish March 14, 2023 1072
In Benin, coconut oil is booming

The production of coconut oil is a profitable business for many women in Benin. For consumption or in the making of cosmetic products, this oil is widely used. In this video, discover the different manufacturing processes of coconut oil. #AgribusinessTV #Benin

publish March 10, 2023 1081
Burundi: Turning a weed into a sustainable source of income

On Lake Tanganyika in Burundi, water hyacinth is harmful to biodiversity. Kathia Gretta IRADUKUNDA, through her company, “Hyacinth Art House”, has found a profitable way to fight against these plants, by using them for the manufacture of art object

publish March 8, 2023 1083
Congo: Beekeeping, an opportunity for the forests of the Congo

In the Loudima forest in southern Congo, beekeeping is an activity that allows many people to live and ensure the growth of the forests. Unfortunately, conflicts between farmers and beekeepers create situations that are unfavourable to the survival of bees. In

publish March 3, 2023 1202
Burkina Faso: Genetics to increase performance in pig farming

On 24 February 2023, a public conference was organised by the Plateau-Central Pig Innovation Platform in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso. This event enabled the actors in this sector to discover the solutions and services of AXIOM, a French company specialised in pi

publish March 1, 2023 1105
Burkina Faso: Livestock salt licks made from local ingredients

Abdel Latif OUÉDRAOGO stopped his studies when he was in secondary school to learn how to make livestock salt licks. In 2018, he started his company, AFABLE, which offers salt licks made from local ingredients for breeders. Four years later, Abdel Latif was a

publish February 28, 2023 1108
Burkina Faso : Infant cereals with local flavours

Placide BAMOGO is the founder of a company called Arostel Trade. She is involved in the production of infant cereals made from local ingredients. She ventured into this activity following a personal experience, whereby her child was suffering from malnutrition

publish February 21, 2023 1106
Benin: Fulfilling his dream of becoming a farmer

In 2017, after obtaining his first cycle studies certificate (BEPC), Olivier DISSEH encouraged his father to enrol him in a technical school to be trained in agriculture, which is his passion. He obtained his Diploma of Agricultural and Tropical Studies (DEAT)

publish February 14, 2023 1554
Burkina Faso: A carpenter specialised in poultry cages

After primary school, Hugues MINOUNGOU went to pursue professional training in carpentry. Following his eight-year apprenticeship, he started his own business by manufacturing furniture like others were doing. But the sales were low and he struggled to make a

publish February 7, 2023 1226
Burkina Faso: A lawyer, he earns his living by plucking poultry

During his stay in Morocco for his studies in Law, Mohamed NABI was seduced by the efficient mechanism that butcher shops are equipped with. Back in Burkina Faso, Mohamed and his collaborators launched “TOP Chicken” in Ouagadougou. It’s a uni

publish January 31, 2023 2407

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