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Burkina Faso: Return to the village to live his passion

Daouda SAWADOGO is a vegetable producer in Damané in Burkina Faso. After his training in agriculture, Daouda decided to dedicate himself fully into crop production. He produces onions which he sells locally and also in the sub-region. This decision to return

publish February 16, 2022 1209
Burkina Faso: A successful conversion into poultry farming

Due to insecurity in Burkina Faso, Idrissa YONI lost his job as animator in a project. He was forced to find an income-generating activity. With the support of his wife, he ventured into poultry farming. Today, he has his own farm, where he raises laying hens.

publish February 11, 2022 1299
Benin: ADIYEABA, the public incubator

ADIYEABA is a company specialised in the incubation of eggs, made available to the public at a cost. This initiative is highly appreciated by customers, who do not hesitate to bring their eggs there to reduce losses.

publish February 8, 2022 1480
Burkina Faso: Sociologist and farmer

A sociologist by training, Ibrahim SAWADOGO became an agricultural entrepreneur by passion. He has always loved agriculture since his childhood while working in the fields with his parents. Today, he is the owner of an agro-ecological farm, where he does crop

publish February 4, 2022 1487
Benin: An ecological and organic fruit and vegetable market

In Benin, a group of producers has set up a market, where they sell organic fruits and vegetables. The objective of the “farmers’ market” is to deconstruct the misconception that organic products are expensive and are intended for a specific

publish February 1, 2022 1322
Burkina Faso: Young and successful livestock feed producer

Abdoul Fataho OUEDRAOGO is the founder of a company which evolves in the production of poultry feed. He was initially involved in poultry farming, but after facing several difficulties, he was forced to abandon this activity. As a plan B, he turned to the manu

publish January 19, 2022 1182
Burkina Faso: Processing cassava to avoid losses

Marie SANOU is the founder of “Grâce Divine”, a company that transforms cassava into several products. Marie was previously involved in the marketing of cassava and had fewer and fewer clients. She then decided to process her cassava in order to a

publish January 11, 2022 1233
Burkina Faso: M’YAABA solar and petro-solar incubators

Based in Ouagadougou, the companny M’YAABA is specialised in the production of solar and petro-solar incubators with a capacity of 150 to 10,000 eggs. M’YAABA provides its customers with incubators adapted to the types of climates depending on the

publish December 31, 2021 1430
Benin: A restaurant like no other

In Benin, Thibaut MARTINS and his wife Marlyse GNIMADI have opened a restaurant which specialises in serving healthy food, coming directly from their garden where they grow their products in recycled containers. This initiative is greatly very much appreciated

publish December 28, 2021 447
Burkina Faso: Moving forward in spite of failures

Boureima ZIDA tried several jobs before becoming a full-time livestock farmer. During his journey, he encountered many difficulties, including the loss of his poultry, but he did not give up. Thanks to his perseverance and the support of his family, today his

publish December 24, 2021 1408
Bénin: The accountant, passionate about breeding

After having tried several types of breeding, Alain AYENAN chose pig breeding in order to increase his profits. “When you say you want to be an entrepreneur, it’s as if you are throwing yourself into a forest, into an uncharted territory. And espec

publish December 21, 2021 1376
Burkina Faso: Student and entrepreneur

Fatoumata KONATE is a young student who has been able to combine her studies with entrepreneurship. She has spcialised in the processing of peanuts into paste and powder. Despite the reluctance of her parents, Fatoumata has persevered and created her business.

publish December 17, 2021 1450

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