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Are you in the agricultural sector? Share your inspiring story, your innovation, your success, talk about the challenges you’ve overcome, and inspire other entrepreneurs through our brand-new category: Amateur Videos!

What is “Amateur Videos”?

Agribusiness TV is committed to providing a continuous stream of content highlighting your activities in the agricultural sector. Amateur Videos is a new feature born of our 2023-2026 editorial project. The idea is simple: we invite you to share an authentic insight into your activity by sending us videos shot with your phone (or a professional camera if you have one).

Content of the video

In this video, you’ll introduce yourself, tell us about your business, why you chose it, and the key moments that marked the start of your journey. We encourage you to also talk about the challenges you’ve faced along the way and how you overcame them.

So, we invite you to get out your phones or other digital devices, film the unique moments of your work, and share your entrepreneurial journey with us. We’ll make your story even bigger by publishing it on our platforms.

Whether you’re in East, West, North, South or Central Africa, we want to hear your unique story.

Format of the video

As its name suggests, we don’t necessarily expect a professional video. However, in order to guide you in producing digestible content, we suggest that you follow a few basic rules:
● Shoot in landscape mode when filming (1920 x 1080)
● We would like to receive two types of videos: interviews in which you speak directly to the camera, and shots of the farm, the products and other elements mentioned in the videos
● Activate flight mode on your phone to avoid any sound or vibration interruptions that could disrupt the recording
● Make sure the location is as brightly lit as possible and that the sound is clear and audible
● Stabilise your phone as much as possible to ensure smooth images
● Ensure that the quality of the video is optimal and avoid any blurring
● If you speak in a language other than French or English, please provide us with a translation of your words in one of these languages

You can send a single edited video or several unedited video sequences:
Single video, already edited: Make sure the video is properly edited and ready for broadcast.
Unedited video sequences: If you prefer, you can also send us footage. We can then assemble and edit them to create a final video that tells your story in a complete and captivating way.

Sending edited video or sequences

You can send us your edited video or unedited footage via the file transfer platform grosfichiers []. Our email address for reception is:

Video selection and broadcast

Once you have recorded and sent your edited video or unedited footage, our editorial team will make a careful selection to determine which videos will be broadcasted on our platforms. Here’s how the process will work:
Initial assessment: We will examine each video submitted to assess its quality, content and relevance to our editorial line.

Selection: The videos that best meet our editorial criteria will be selected for wider distribution. We will choose videos that are authentic, informative and inspiring for our target audience.

Notification: If your video is selected, we will contact you to inform you of our decision and give you more details about the broadcast date and the next steps.

Broadcast: The selected videos will be published on our online platforms, such as our website, our social networks and our YouTube channel, for viewing by our global audience.

Note: Videos of a commercial nature will not be taken into account.

We thank you for your contribution and your commitment to sharing your story with the global agricultural community. If you have any questions or concerns about the submission or the selection and distribution process, please do not hesitate to contact us at this email address:

About Agribusiness TV

Launched in May 2016 in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso, Agribusiness TV is a web TV that broadcasts innovations and success stories from the agricultural and rural sector in Africa. By showcasing agricultural jobs through videos, it inspires young Africans to take part in this vital transformation. To date, we have broadcasted over 1,200 videos in 17 African countries, available in French and English.

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