Cameroon: Allô Poulet

November 6, 2018 6181 194 No Comments


Serge Trésor Ngatchi, a graduate in transport and logistics, created “Allô Poulet” in 2017, a chain of production, processing and distribution of chickens.

After his studies, Serge wanted to do something differently, an activity that would also enable him to have some free time. He decided to go to Dubai in the hope of finding something that would suit him, but one year later, he returned to Cameroon. He had a passion for poultry farming and decided to venture in the poultry business. The beginnings were not easy as he was faced by an epidemic and lost many birds, but he kept pushing himself and slowly grew his business.

“At “Allô Poulet”, we cut the chicken, pack and go to the customer. This little thing is the difference we make,” says Serge.


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