Kenza Market, a display of “Made in Cameroon”

June 5, 2018 5012 154 No Comments


Gaëlle KENFACK is a telecommunications engineer. After spending almost 10 years in Germany, she returned to Cameroon and created Kenza Market which distributes local agricultural products.

The idea of Kenza Market came from Gaëlle’s experience in Germany. She wanted to bring the concept to Cameroon to valorise local products and their packaging. But most importantly for her was to live in Cameroon and serve her country. She started Kenza Market in 2016. Today the company has 2 shops in Cameroon, employs 20 people and distributes over 200 products.

“We try to go in the field to control the production, the harvest, the seeds. Therefore, all the vegetables from Cameroon, we have them dried, and also pre-cooked,” says Gaëlle.


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