Guinea: The big dreams of Boubacar

December 12, 2017 4148 128 No Comments


Boubacar Aliou DIALLO, is a graduate in telecommunications. He created “Safiagribusiness”, a company involved in crop and livestock production.

After his graduation, Boubacar was right away confronted by unemployment. He wanted to start a business, but he was not sure in which field to venture. Looking around him, he saw that his community was hit by poverty and decided that whichever business he starts, it should have a link to rural development. One of his brothers lent him a piece of land, and he started chicken production. With further help from his family he then started crop production as well.

“The most interesting lesson that I learned through entrepreneurship is that we should not under-estimate ourselves, and always think that each individual is worth something. Believe that we can go forward and we can do miracles,” says Boubacar.


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