Guinea: Coffee of Fouta Djallon

April 3, 2018 4617 123 No Comments


After University, some youths took over an abandoned coffee plantation.

Mamadou Bhoye BAH was still at University when this idea came to him. Along with his friends, they created a cooperative, and ventured into potato production. Later, they grew cowpea, maize, and then they started with coffee. Coffee was an interesting investment for them since they have the best quality of Arabica coffee in Fouta Djallon, a highland region in the centre of Guinea. And also, despite the appreciation of coffee on the international market there were many coffee plantations that were abandoned for many years. For Mamadou, it was an opportunity for the youth to take over from the older generation and innovate.

“Today, the older generation cannot work in the place of the youth. It’s the youth who should take up the challenge,” says Mamadou.


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