HydroBarley: Producing fodder through hyproponics

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“I found it unfortunate that in order to feed livestock, we spoil the future of two kids”. This is how one of the most promising agricultural project in the past years was born.

During a trip, Hanane Rifai came across two girls who were walking livestock in the middle of school year. She wanted to understand why these girls were not where they should have been, in the classroom. “We don’t have the right to go to school,” they replied. How is it possible when there are at least 3 schools in the area?

Hanane went to meet the parents of the two girls to learn more. She finally got her answer. Fodder costs too much. And since the parents can’t afford it, they are forced to leave the livestock with the girls to walk them in nature.

Hanane decided to act. Her solution? #HydroBarley, a company that produces fodder through hydroponics. The fodder is ready to use in only seven days, instead of six months. And on 300m2, she can get a yield of 3 tonnes/day.

Here also, Hanane does not sell her fodder to just anyone. Smallholder farmers who wish to buy with a small discount have to bring the guarantee that he sends all his children to school.

This action has changed the lives of these two girls who have been able to go back to school since then. Isn’t it great?!

Article: Inoussa MAIGA
Translation: Nawsheen HOSENALLY

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