Senegal: Remarkable transition of a football player

February 13, 2018 7072 157 No Comments


Ferdinand COLY is a former International Football player from Senegal. After 16 years of professional career, he embraced agriculture.

At the end of his career as a footballer, Ferdinand was team manager and coordinator of the national team of Senegal for three years. Then he ventured into agriculture, which is one of his passions. His field was deserted, so the first steps were to plant trees and restore the place. He planted mango and citrus trees and plans to start livestock farming soon. For him, it is work in progress, done one step at a time and he considers what has been done so far, a success.

“Agriculture for Ferdinand Coly, it’s life. Because without agriculture, we don’t eat. If everyone goes to the city, that will we do? I think that we should come back to agriculture,” he says.


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