An e-commerce platform for local agricultural products

April 27, 2017 2510 202 No Comments

Awa CABA is an IT design engineer. After her studies, she launched SOORETUL with her friends. A platform that enables rural women to sell their agricultural products online.

In 2011, Awa and her team identified some challenges in the agricultural sector in Senegal. One of the major problems was the marketing of processed agricultural products from Senegal. They noticed that there were many women who worked in the sector, but they did not have visibility, and the products that they were transforming were not available in shops, in supermarkets. So, with their skill and know-how in IT, they decided to create Sooretul, which would enable the women to sell their products in a new way.

“The platform enables the women processors to access a new type of market. This gives them a bigger visibility. The consumers also know different types of products made by the women, which were not known before,” explains Awa.


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