Minting fortunes from garlic

November 8, 2016 4660 125 No Comments


Moses Karimi GITHAIGA runs Saumu Centre Limited, a garlic seed production and training hub.

Moses used to sharpen knives to earn a living. But after while, he realised that the work was laborious and did not pay off. So, he got into agriculture. He started with tomatoes and French beans, but it did not work. Then he started garlic production and saw a potential in it. Today, Moses has 10 full-time employees and his company has an annual turnover of 20,000 USD.

“My secret to success in garlic farming has been specialising. I don’t diversify and if I diversify, I diversify within the same product,” says Moses.


This video has been produced in the framework of a partnership between Agribusiness TV, VITA  and Afronline.


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