Coconut chips in different flavours

April 14, 2017 1704 155 2 Comments

Stéphane KOUAM, 35 years, is a graduate in Industrial Economy. In 2013, he founded a small enterprise that produces and markets coconut chips.

Stéphane left his job to start his coconut chips business, but his first challenge was to find a blade that would allow him to slice the coconuts. Since he did not find it on the market, he decided to ask a blacksmith to make it for him. The blade worked perfectly and result he got with the chip was what he expected. With a loan of 500,000 FCFA, Stéphane kicked off his business with one product. Today he has seven different types of coconut chips with different flavours on the market.

“The entrepreneur sees solutions where others find challenges. He knows that it can work, but doesn’t know how. He knows it is a winning idea. Therefore, a person should believe in his dreams. He should believe in what he has,” says Stéphane.


2 comments on “Coconut chips in different flavours

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