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Coconut chips in different flavours

AgribusinessTV April 14, 2017 1209 2 Comments


Stéphane KOUAM, 35 years, is a graduate in Industrial Economy. In 2013, he founded a small enterprise that produces and markets coconut chips. Stéphane left his job to start his coconut chips business, but his first challenge was to find a blade that would allow him to slice the coconuts. Since he did not find Read More

Roméo at the rescue of the coconut sector

AgribusinessTV August 3, 2016 2024 No Comments


Roméo DOU, 37 years, is a microbiologist from Cote d’Ivoire. In addition to his vermiculture activities, he produces virgin coconut oil, thanks to an artisanal process that he has put into place after several years of research. Romeo believes that raw materials from Cote d’Ivoire should not be exported anymore. Th

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Taming the coconut juice

AgribusinessTV June 6, 2016 1854 No Comments


Chérif AKEDJOU, holder of a degree in marketing, ventured into the production and marketing of bottled coconut water in 2012. Despite the reluctance of his parents who wanted him to get a “more decent” work. Chérif saw the potential of coconut juice as a product and there was a demand for it on the market. Read More