Taming the coconut juice

June 6, 2016 2134 107 No Comments


Chérif AKEDJOU, holder of a degree in marketing, ventured into the production and marketing of bottled coconut water in 2012. Despite the reluctance of his parents who wanted him to get a “more decent” work.

Chérif saw the potential of coconut juice as a product and there was a demand for it on the market. But it was not easy for him manage this juice at the beginning, since it ferments very quickly. After several trials, he found a formula that enables him to “tame” the coconut juice and to preserve it longer in bottles. A secret that he keeps to himself.

Today, Chérif’s business is working well. He employs six people to produce on average 1000 bottles per day. His coconut juices are sold and consumed mainly in Benin, France and Mali.


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