Infomercial: ECDD Project – Supporting resilient family farming in face of climate change

December 14, 2023 1694 59 No Comments


The rice-growing plain of Karfiguéla has been transformed thanks to the “Water, Key to Sustainable Development” (ECDD) project. Once desperate because of climate change and inefficient farming practices, this region is thriving again.

The ECDD project has successfully experimented with agro-ecological practices over an area of 500 m². Farmers can testify to the positive impact on their yields and the quality of their crops.

The Provincial Director of Agriculture, Kouka LANKOANDE, expressed his satisfaction, highlighting the economic benefits for farmers.

The project, implemented by the Netherlands Development Organisation (SNV) and the NGO World Waternet, with financial support from the Kingdom of the Netherlands, aims to strengthen the resilience of local communities and promote sustainable agriculture in the face of climate change.

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