Burkina Faso: A range of local wild fruit juices

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Esther DIENDÉRÉ, a microbiologist, transforms wild fruits from Burkina Faso into juices of the brand “Glou”.

Mrs. Diendéré got the idea to start an agro-processing enterprise at the time when she was teaching in high school. She started with a capital of 500,000 FCFA to engage in the processing of dairy products before devoting herself to the production of natural fruit juices.

Today her company produces 12 flavours of juices, distributed mainly to wholesalers, supermarkets and shops in Ouagadougou and other cities of Burkina Faso.  “What encouraged and motivated me to move forward is the support of my family. My husband and my three children were always there to support me,” says Mrs. Diendéré.

Burkina Faso

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