Transforming his farm into a training centre

November 11, 2016 2981 162 No Comments


Adamou Kimba Aboubacar is an agricultural engineer. In 2012, he started the farm “SAHELBIO”, that he is transforming gradually into a training centre.

During his studies at University, Aboubacar saw that there is a potential in poultry farming in Niger, as there is a demand for it that is not satisfied. After his studies, he invested all his savings in his agricultural activities and the business is slowly growing.

According to Aboubacar, it’s not easy to get people to work on farms, which is why he decided to transform his farm into a training centre to accompany youth who want to venture into agribusiness.

This video has been produced in the framework of a partnership between Agribusiness TV, VITA and Afronline.


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