Togo: Drip irrigation to gain more

March 19, 2019 4795 138 No Comments


In Kovié, in the south of Togo, the introduction of a drip irrigation system is changing the life of women vegetable growers.

Access to water was a big challenge for the women. They had to walk several kilometres to get water and carry the bucket on their head. And the fact that it was a tiring activity made them less productive. Since the installation of the drip irrigation system in their field, their lives have changed. They are getting better yield, and now that they don’t have to walk long distances to get water, they have more time for their children and family.

“Before, between January and April, yields were very low due to lack of water. Today all this has changed,” says Awitoh Amé HOLALI, one of the women vegetable growers.

This video has been produced with the financial support of IFDD and Bruxelles Environnement, in the framework of the Pilot Initiative Gender and Climate.


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