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Togo: Drip irrigation to gain more

AgribusinessTV March 19, 2019 4326 No Comments


In Kovié, in the south of Togo, the introduction of a drip irrigation system is changing the life of women vegetable growers. Access to water was a big challenge for the women. They had to walk several kilometres to get water and carry the bucket on their head. And the fact that it was a Read More

Burkina Faso: Tomato puree that changes lives

AgribusinessTV March 8, 2018 4135 No Comments


At Donsin, a village situated some 30 km from Ouagadougou, the capital city of Burkina Faso, rural women are on the way to conquer the tomato puree market. The women’s group “Neerwaya” of Donsin exists since the 1990’s. At the time, their main activity was to dry tomato and other leafy vegetables. While it was<

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