The journey of a sweet potato champion

February 28, 2017 3830 161 No Comments

Seifour SARR is a management graduate. Unemployed after his studies, he ventured into the production of sweet potato on 2 hectares. Today, he cultivates 20 hectares and employs 30 people.
In the search for a better life to help his family, Seifour wanted to migrate to Europe illegally with his friends. But his friends were in a hurry and left without him. Unfortunately, they all drowned and this was a turning point for Seifour. He wanted to create his own path, and not follow others.

When one of his relative asked him to come back to the village to cultivate the land, Seifour was not very sure about it. But the relative assured him that he would succeed. He gave Seifour a land of two hectares and helped him to get a loan from the bank. And it paid off. Today, Seifour’s business is doing well.

“I am known as a sweet potato farmer and I contribute to job creation. Beyond that, I am contributing to the food security of the country,” says Seifour.


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