Spouses and associates in poultry farming

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Hervé DOMAGNI is a graduate in accounting. His wife, Ella Marcelle NÉNÉ is a communication graduate. After several years of unemployment, the couple ventured into poultry farming in Agnibilekrou.

After his studies, Hervé was managing a telephone booth in Abidjan. But it was not profitable. One day, he decided to go back to his hometown in Agnibilekhou to start his poultry farm.

He started with just 20-30 chickens and today he has at least 2000 layers. His objective is to attain minimum 30,000 layers. According to Hervé, what contributed to their success is the combination of his skills and that of his wife.

“Regarding myself, I have applied some of the techniques I had learnt to manage the business. For my wife, it’s at the level of communication. How to market the eggs, convince people to buy them,” says Hervé.

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