Revolutionising rabbit farming in Benin

June 26, 2018 2181 109 4 Comments


Aziz Sènan AGOSSOU is a graduate in animal production. In 2014, he ventured in to the production of exotic breeds of rabbits.

At a young age, Aziz watched his older brother perform experiments, especially on rabbits. Later, after university, Aziz decided to start rabbit production, an activity which is still under-developed in Benin. It was also an opportunity for him to stand out from many people who practiced poultry farming. Since the local rabbit breed took 6 months to reach maturity, Aziz bought a breed from Europe that could reach maturity in just 2 months. This shorter production cycle has made it more competitive on the local market and he currently produces 5 tonnes of rabbit meat per year.

“Based on its dietary qualities, the rabbit is the best meat. Any doctor can advise you to eat it and anyone can eat rabbit meat,” says Aziz.


4 comments on “Revolutionising rabbit farming in Benin

  1. Jenala on

    I am a rabbit farmer from Zambia, would you provide me the contact details for Aziz Se’nan Agossou of Ets Ibidun Farming

  2. Alamu Bidemi on

    I am Festus a rabbit farmer from Nigeria, please can you help me with the contact details of Aziz Se’nan Agossou farm. Thanks


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