Premium quality “Kluiklui”

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According to Regis, “entrepreneurs are not in a race against each other. It is a personal race to improve yourself. It is not about comparing yourself to others, it is about being the best version of you. You have to remind yourself every day that you have the opportunity to get closer to fulfilling your dream”.

Regis EZIN is a graduate in inter-cultural management and translation. He succeeded in modernising the “Kluiklui”, a traditional peanut-based product.

It all started with an observation. Regis saw that many people consume the Kluiklui, a food that is widely consumed in Benin and in other countries in the region, but they don’t like to admit it. It was considered somewhat shameful, and had a negative image associated to it.

So, Regis decided to modernise it, by making it more appealing and practical. This is how Kluiklui d’Agonlin was born. Today, the company produces 4000 to 5000 units of Kluiklui per month.




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