Kenya: Low cost organic fertilizer from farm waste

September 19, 2017 3161 262 3 Comments


Samuel Wanderi RIGU is the founder of Safi Organics Limited, a company that manufactures a low cost organic fertilizer from crops’ waste.

Samuel saw that farmers were using expensive fertilizers to increase their yield, but instead the yield was decreasing. For him, this was inacceptable and he had to bring a solution to this problem. He teamed up with a group of people who shared the same vision to improve rural livelihoods and together, they came up with an organic fertilizer, which is 20% cheaper than the other fertilizers on the market. And according to farmers who have been using the organic fertilizer from Safi Organics Ltd, they have observed at least 30% increase in yields.

“Some of the lessons I have derived from my entrepreneurship journey is that failure is inevitable and failure has its advantages. And if you don’t fail you will not grow. It’s through the failure that we really grow,” says Samuel.

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3 comments on “Kenya: Low cost organic fertilizer from farm waste

  1. james Rutere on

    would like to partner with you in distributing your organic fertilizer and in during demonstrations in Buuri constituency of Meru County.
    Also interested in purchasing your Organic Fertilizer for growing Tomatoes and potatoes.


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