Cameroon: Conquering the maize value chain

February 27, 2018 5465 155 No Comments


Loïc KAMWA is a graduate in Business Administration. He produces maize on 30 hectares of land for the local market.

Loïc saw that there was a lot of uncultivated land in Cameroon and at the same time, there was a huge potential for maize production. He started cultivating maize on 4 hectares, and was managing the field with the help of family members. He then went to the United States for his studies and there he got the opportunity to visit large maize farms, where he learned a lot. After his studies, he came back to Cameroon. He obtained a loan from a bank and scaled-up his production from 4 to 30 hectares.

“Every time we are at the primary sector, there is always an intermediary who earns more than us. So, we want that when we produce, we are able to transform and give it an added value,” says Loïc.


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