Burkina Faso: The vegetable producer of Boulmiougou

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Ali, former candidate of illegal migration to Europe, has reconverted to vegetable production in Boulmiougou, a region in the west of Ouagadougou.

Ali’s father was into vegetable production, but he did not see it as a job. He wanted to migrate to Europe to have a better life. The idea of migrating came from the fact that those who managed who go there were able to construct houses and help family members. After three failed attempts to migrate illegally, Ali decided to give up that idea and take up the activity of his father. Today, he is happy about his job and earns a living from vegetable production.

“In vegetable production, the most important is not the size of your land, but to know how to exploit it to the maximum. I cultivate on this land with my younger brothers and my children. My father is no more. We have always been here and it’s going on well,” says Ali.

Burkina Faso

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