Burkina Faso: From geologist to local rice processor

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After a literary baccalaureate at the Prytanée Militaire of Kadiogo in 2012, Nassif KOAMA flew to Montreal, Canada, to pursue his studies in Geology. As soon as he obtained his Bachelor’s degree, he returned to Burkina Faso to realise his dream: to become a great entrepreneur in the agribusiness field.

Nassif KOAMA launched “Baraka Agro Business”, a company that processes and markets local rice. About ten years ago, Nassif launched his first rice brand “Faso Alkam”. His goal in a few years is to be the leader on the Burkinabè rice market.

Nassif also wants to work on developing other products such as livestock feed made from rice bran and other additives.

Burkina Faso

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