The Farmer’s Voice: to inform and train farmers (16 minutes)

July 4, 2017 4935 164 No Comments


In Cameroon, farmers have their own newspaper: The Farmer’s Voice. More than just a simple information tool, this monthly newspaper is a companion for many farmers in times of struggle.

“I am growing tomato because The Farmer’s Voice showed me where to get agro-chemical products, what are the diseases that commonly affect tomato and what can be used to fight or prevent them. This is why I have been reading The Farmer’s Voice. It helped me to start my first tomato farm,” explains Maria NEMANFOR, a farmer’s organisation leader based in Bamenda, in the North-West of Cameroon.

“I know the Farmer’s voice since I was a student. For me, The Farmer’s Voice is the only media outlet that addresses challenges related to production in the rural world, and that has a certain aura among the public,” says Auréole Sinclair MBAKOP, a young pineapple producer based in Awae in the centre of the country.

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