Mali: Maya, to save time in the kitchen

October 9, 2018 4336 182 No Comments


Seynabou DIENG TRAORE has a degree in communication. Through her company, “Maya Agroalimentaire”, she offers various marinades and organic spices ready to serve.

When Seynabou came back to Mali in 2015, she noticed that other working women were consuming of lot of imported products. Local products were available but they were not very convenient for those who did not want to spend a lot of time to cook. To change this, she started to process local agricultural products into marinade and spices. By doing this, she encourages people to eat local, and it saves them time in the kitchen.

“Our vision is that at the end of each day, every woman can open her cupboard, find processed local products, and cook healthy and tasty meals,” says Seynabou.


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