Kenya: A one stop shop for poultry farmers

February 20, 2018 4299 98 No Comments


Abisai Nandi founded Chicken Basket to offer poultry farmers all the services they need under one roof.

As a poultry farmer himself, Abisai saw the challenges that the activity involved. These challenges included access to quality inputs, information and training, and also marketing of the birds. To address these, he brought on board different actors in the poultry value chain, so that he can provide day-old chicks to the farmers, their feed and also training and veterinary visits on their farms. Additionally, he buys the chicken from the farmers when mature.

“Farmers say I’d rather buy from Chicken Basket because I know when I buy from Chicken Basket, I will get training, I will get everything in one roof on the day of collection and after that they still send for me a vet to check on my birds then they will buy my birds”, says Abisai.


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