Giving a second life to dead wood

January 25, 2017 3787 133 No Comments

Soumaïla KANLA, 36 years, is a carpenter-designer. He transforms dead wood into softwood lumber and other objects such as plates, spoons, forks etc.

Soumaïla has lived in France for seven years and it is there that he developed his passion to transform wood into different objects. His dream was to go back and settle in Burkina Faso one day. With this in mind, he took the decision to move there with his family, where he created his enterprise with his wife.

“For those who buy an object from us, the advantage is to know that it’s from wood that was dead. We have not cut down the tree to get the wood to make your furniture. Therefore, it’s a responsible purchase that protects the environment,” explains Soumaïla.

Burkina Faso

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