Burkina Faso: The pyramid for soilless culture takes off

February 4, 2020 2969 109 No Comments


One year after its official launch, Kevin DOAMBA’s pyramid for soilless culture has improved and is proving to be successful with populations.

Kevin has been solicited by several people who want to acquire his structure for soilless culture of crops. Those who have tested the product, especially women, affirm that it is now easier to produce crops as they don’t have to go and fetch water. According to them, the work is also less tiring.

“At the beginning, the raw material we used was more expensive and difficult to find, but currently we have found easy and accessible means in Burkina Faso to meet the demand which is constantly growing,” says Kevin.

This video was produced with financial support from the Economic Growth Program in the Agricultural Sector (PCESA).

Burkina Faso

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