Burkina Faso: Grow more and better with less water

June 11, 2019 3069 77 No Comments


In Burkina Faso, the long dry season rhymes less and less with idleness among farmers. Many are engaged in crop production, which is now one of the main income-generating activities during this period. But without training and lack of resources, many of them are facing difficulties. And the major constraint is the availability of water.

Between 2013 and 2019, the Drylands Development Programme, DryDev, has helped women and young crop producers to develop their activities in several localities of the country.

The programme interventions included training on optimal water management, technical practices of production and the pile composting techniques. The programme also supported the development of crop fields, the drilling of boreholes, and the facilitation of access to inputs.

Burkina Faso

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