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Burkina Faso: Grow more and better with less water

AgribusinessTV June 11, 2019 2996 No Comments


In Burkina Faso, the long dry season rhymes less and less with idleness among farmers. Many are engaged in crop production, which is now one of the main income-generating activities during this period. But without training and lack of resources, many of them are facing difficulties. And the major constraint is the avai

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Atingan, the renewable energy stove

AgribusinessTV October 26, 2018 3140 No Comments


These stoves are quite particular because to burn the husks of palm nuts, we need a bit of oxygen. Therefore, this stove is equipped with a solar panel that enables to charge the battery and send oxygen in the combustion chamber. Since we already have solar energy that is stored, we have taken the opportunityRead More