Burkina Faso: A woman empowering others

March 8, 2021 1772 48 No Comments


A woman leader, committed to the empowerment of women, Jeanne LOMPO is the founder of Faso Beautex, a company that has been producing and marketing the Faso Dan Fani since 1987.

Through Faso Beautex, Jeanne created the “New Life” association, whereby she teaches weaving to young girls and women, which helps them acquire skills and be more independent. Jeanne is also supported by her two daughters in her business and hopes that one day they will take over the activity.

“I have at least ten girls who are currently working. There are at least twenty others who have already been trained and left. They have started the activity with their parents, working there,” says Jeanne.

Burkina Faso

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