Burkina Faso: A green oasis in the city

October 11, 2022 5937 61 No Comments


In Loumbila, in Burkina Faso, Boureima SALOUKA transformed an empty space into a green area called “Kua sur Loumbila”. “Absolutely nothing was growing here. To go from a completely lunar land to something alive with birds singing, with so much greenery, means that it’s possible to do something,” he says.

This initiative contributes to the restoration of the soil, but also to the creation of a sustainable ecological environment that benefits the health of the people who live around it.

For Boureima, it’s necessary to have green spaces like ‘Kua sur Loumbila’, which are well maintained by the community. For the development of this green space, he is supported by other people ans friends, who bring him trees.

Burkina Faso

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