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Climate change and indigenous knowledge: An unknown asset

AgribusinessTV December 11, 2018 2297 No Comments


After completing koranic school in Mali, Yacouba Sawadogo came back to his village in Burkina Faso and started trading. While he prospered in this business, he also noticed that the land was degraded where he lived, and people were moving to other regions as nothing was growing there anymore. Yacouba began to experimen

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Burkina Faso: Her fight against plastic bags

AgribusinessTV July 10, 2018 2243 No Comments


In Burkina Faso, Aïcha Traoré wants to replace plastic bags with paper bags. Aïcha saw how the use of plastic bags was becoming harmful to the environment. And she wanted to do something about it. Without any training, she learnt by herself to make paper bags. Today she has a business that works. “In 2017, Read More