Benin: The power of plants to heal the skin

January 22, 2019 3872 113 No Comments


Caludia TOGBE, holds 3 masters’ degrees. With just 12.000 FCFA, she started to manufacture hair and dermatological products based on natural products. Marketed today under the brand “Origine Terre”.

Caludia had a skin disease when she was younger and it did not heal with the products available on the market. One day, she used Aloe Vera on her skin and she immediately saw a difference. This is how she understood the benefits of using natural products to heal the skin. With a stipend she got after an internship, she started Origine Terre, where she makes soaps and other products.

“To manufacture each of our products, we extract the treasures, the power within the plants. We work with fruits, vegetables, essential vegetable oils and that’s why our soaps and milks are so effective,” says Caludia.


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