Benin: The fruity and spicy liquor

February 6, 2018 4543 93 No Comments


Mabel ADEKAMBI, is a graduate in tourism. In 2015, she launched “King of Soto”, a liquor made from palm wine.

Mabel’s entrepreneurial journey started in 2012 when she decided to make her own drinks for Christmas Eve, because shop-bought liquor was not within her budget. A year later, some friends came over to her place and she served them the last bottles that she still had. They liked it so much that some of them ordered the drinks from her. She started with just 10 litres, and today “King of Soto” has become a real success.

“When I see a product, a fruit or a recipe, I ask myself what I can do with it. And I do some mixtures and let them macerate. Then I open and taste them, I am like a child in front of a new toy and I am so happy. Then later, I want to share it with people,” says Mabel.


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