Benin: Odile, a passion for innovation

August 22, 2017 1083 183 No Comments


Odile GNONWIN is a graduate in Public Administration and Law. She is innovating in the processing of chufa into many derivative products.

After an internship in public administration, Odile realised that it was not the career she wanted. She therefore decided to get into entrepreneurship. At university, she used to buy chufa (yellow nutsedge) and sell to her classmates. She noticed that they liked the product a lot. She realized that chufa is part of a neglected species and people were not much interested in it. Today, she is putting all her efforts in valorising this product.

“My advice to young people in general and to young women in particular is: when you have business ideas – because a lot of young people have ideas – do not say that if you do not have funding, you cannot start. This is not a real problem,” says Odile.


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