Burkina Faso: From accounting to selling chicken and fish

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“Timi Multi Services” is a company that offers pre-plucked chickens, as well as fish and seafood for consumption. The founder, Korotimi SANON/ZOANGA, decided to set up the business because she noticed that as the festive season approached, people were spending hours in the markets and yaars to buy chicken.

Korotimi SANON/ZOANGA, who used to work as an accountant in a private company and at the same time started Timi Multi Services, decided to devote herself fully to her business by giving up her job. Despite the difficulties she encountered, she has no regrets about this choice today, as she is proud to be able to employ other people.

Her ambition is to set up a modern processing unit, with quality equipment to move from manual to semi-mechanical processing, in order to satisfy her customers. Find out more about the work of this brave lady by following the video!

Burkina Faso

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