Burkina Faso: FASO GRAIN, the best friend of breeders

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Ismaël OUÉDRAOGO, is a technician for animal husbandry. He created FASO GRAIN, a company that manufactures and markets feed for livestock.

While advising breeders on how to use raw materials in the manufacture of livestock feed, Ismaël realised that they had problems acquiring the raw materials, as well as mixing them. As solution, he started to make small amounts of feed and saw that there was a growing demand for it. This is how he started FASO GRAIN in 2012, with a production capacity of 100 kg of feed per day. Today, the company is producing 35 tons of feed per day.

“When we see the number of cattle exceeding 2 million heads, goats and sheep exceeding 20 million, and poultry exceeding all others, and when we think that not even 500,000 cattle are consuming what we produce, it means that we really have enough customers if we increase production,” says Ismaël.

This video was produced with financial support from the Economic Growth Program in the Agricultural Sector (PCESA).

Burkina Faso

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