Burkina Faso: A coach for poultry breeders

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Faïçal PALENFO is an engineer in animal production. After graduation, he created FASO ELEVAGE, a company specialised in training, monitoring of farms, designing and selling livestock equipment.

Faïçal started poultry farming at home and soon realised that it was his passion. Instead of looking for a job, which he planned initially, he decided to formalise his farming activities and make it his business. At the same time, he saw that other poultry breeders did not know many things on the activity. As solution, he organises training programmes on poultry breeding open to existing breeders and aspiring ones.

“We do not just train. Training is one of the components of our activities. It is about professionalising the sector. We also do the design of basic local materials,” says Faïçal.

Burkina Faso

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