Togo Timati, the natural tomato puree

August 6, 2017 1950 154 4 Comments


Ismael TANKO holds a Master’s degree in entrepreneurship. He ventured into natural tomato puree production, aiming to conquer the Togolese market.

While doing some research on the Internet, Ismael came across a website, whereby it was explained how tomato was conserved in the form of tomato puree in Burkina Faso.

This is how he got interested in it and he started to make some tomato puree samples. Each time, he tried to improve the process. And in February 2016, he launched the first batch on the market.

“We are really at the phase of educating the customers to ensure that gradually they get used to the product. We continue doing research and development because the packaging that we have chosen today is really expensive,” says Ismael.


4 comments on “Togo Timati, the natural tomato puree

  1. Dr Emile N. HOUNGBO on

    This initiative is very interesting. It’s worth being a model for employment and agricultural value chains promotion in Africa. I think, Mr Tanko will be contacted for experience sharing in the School of Agribusiness we are creating at the National University of Agriculture, Benin.


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