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Senegal: Organic cosmetics from Aloe Vera

AgribusinessTV July 3, 2018 1721 No Comments


Fatou SARR is a graduate in computer network. She produces and transforms organic aloe vera into cosmetics and food supplements. Fatou inherited the passion for agriculture from her father. She started with the cultivation of chilli, green beans, melons and strawberries. Later, she turned to aloe vera production becaus

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Cote d’Ivoire: Fresh and natural fruit juice bar

AgribusinessTV January 31, 2018 716 No Comments


Cynthia Aïssy ADÉDIRAN, is a graduate in marketing and communications. She has a great passion for fruits and vegetables. As a big fan of soft drinks, Cynthia used to drink them a lot and barely consumed water. At some point in time she was faced with some health issues and with the help of a dietician,Read More