Burkina Faso: Finding happiness among pigs

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After spending 15 years working for a platform that facilitates international voluntary work, Réné PODA decided to set up his own independent business. He set up the “Baukpai” farm. His speciality is pig breeding, with several breeds including “Berkshire” and “Large Black”.

Each year, he manages to sell an average of 800 animals, mainly for breeding, but also for meat production.

Réné PODA is extremely satisfied with the results of his business. He strongly encourages enthusiasts who are reluctant to enter this field to take the first step and make the necessary efforts to succeed.

“The message I have for young people or other employees who are reluctant to enter this field, it’s really about starting and having patience and perseverance, and at the end of the effort, they’ll start to reap the rewards.”, said Réné PODA.

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