Benin: Cultivating tiger nuts to facilitate processing

September 13, 2022 1915 63 No Comments


In the South of Benin, the populations thought that it was impossible to produce tiger nut. A graduate in natural science and founder of “AFRIKA NATURE”, Mickael AKPLOGAN undertook with his agronomist friends, an experimentation project, which gave satisfactory results. Then, they moved to the large-scale production on a perimeter of six hectares in different communes of the South, which promotes two tons on average per hectare.

The success of this experimentation is a great relief for Mickael, who had started processing Tiger Nuts since five years. Indeed, the price of the raw material was increasing over the years and the small production in the North of the country was exported to Spain.

The processing of Tiger Nuts into croquettes, flour and liqueur by Mickael is a real innovation in his country, which enables the whole population to have access to this product.

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