Green Thumb: Living among plants

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In this episode of Green Thumb, join us as we venture into the lush world of Josiane BORO/SIA’s home garden, where every plant holds a fascinating tale. From aromatic herbs to vibrant salads, Josiane’s passion for gardening shines through as she shares her secrets for cultivating a thriving green oasis.

Josiane unveils the wonders of her botanical haven, showcasing the spider plant’s air-purifying prowess and the versatile spinach varieties that double as culinary delights and traditional remedies. With patience as her guiding principle, Josiane imparts invaluable insights into the slow, rewarding journey of nurturing parsley and celery from seed to harvest.

Discover practical tips, heartfelt anecdotes, and the joy of transforming your own garden into a vibrant sanctuary of nature!

Burkina Faso

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